3 hjälteingredienser för optimal hudhälsa

3 hero ingredients for optimal skin health

Skin health

There are many things that can create an imbalance in the skin, such as poor sleep and diet, stress, lack of exercise, medications, incorrect skin care, etc. But there are also external factors that we have difficulty influencing ourselves that can contribute to how our skin feels, t eg pollution in the air. A simple but qualitative skin care with the right ingredients is what can make a further difference to your skin health.


When it comes to skin care, ingredients are critical to achieving optimal skin health. For Moonsun Organic, it is important to create products that help the skin to be in balance and that the skin's most important functions work optimally. When the skin is in balance, you get a healthy, strong and vital skin with a lot of luster.

3 real heroes

With the perfect composition of carefully selected high-quality raw materials, Moonsun offers an organic skin care series with high-class and multi-functional naturally fragrant products. And these three heroes are the protagonists:

Litsea Cubeba

Essential oil, extracted from the fruit of the May Chang tree. With a sweet and spicy citrus scent, reminiscent of lemongrass or lemon verbena, it is said to have an uplifting and refreshing effect on the mind. It is also known to have cleansing and antiseptic properties on the skin . This is an ingredient you will find in the majority of Moonsun's products and is the one that gives us a lovely positive feeling upon application

Sea buckthorn oil

The Nordic superberry, one of nature's gems, filled with vitamin C which is considered one of our strongest antioxidants in skin care that protects our skin against premature aging. We also find vitamin A, the fatty acids omega 3, 6, 7 and 9, carotenoids and vitamin E in this emollient oil. Sea buckthorn oil's composition of fatty acids mainly contains the essential fatty acid Omega 6, which strengthens the skin's barrier that protects against external stresses and also ensures that we retain moisture in the skin. A renewing oil that energizes dry and tired skin, repairs and balances the skin. The sea buckthorn oil, which works wonders for the skin, you can find in Moonsun's treating face products Vitamin C serum , Face Cream and Face Oil as well as in Beeswax Body Oil and Body Lotion .


Essential oil extracted from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. The flowers are picked on a warm sunny day when they are about to open and must then be immediately distilled to achieve the highest quality and full therapeutic effect. The oil is cell-stimulating, sebum-balancing, and has an astringent effect on pores and capillaries. It also has soothing properties, not only on irritated skin but also on the mind.

Neroli can be found in Moonsun's treating face products Vitamin C serum , Face Cream and Face Oil and these products give a warm embracing and soothing feeling when applied.

The skin needs love

The skin is the body's largest organ and it needs love and care to feel good. With good sleep, diet and exercise you will go a long way, but with skin care with the right ingredients you will help the skin to come into balance and your natural beauty will come out.

If you want to read more about how you can keep your skin beautiful, we recommend Johanna Bjurström's book Happy skin: young skin for life . Don't miss our interview with Johanna Bjurström either.

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