Our Sustainability Promise

Moonsun Organic - Sustainability Strategy

Raw materials and production processes:

  • Our products are made only from natural and organic raw materials, in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment.
  • Our production is located locally in Sweden. If possible, most raw materials also come locally. This means that the distance for transport is reduced. Our suppliers also have clear sustainability principles and, of course, good working conditions.


  • We use recycled plastic (PCR) in our packaging, this to reduce energy use, carbon dioxide emissions, the amount of waste and the consumption of resources.
  • We do not use outer packaging for the product to reduce the amount of waste.
  • To avoid unnecessary plastic, for example, we do not have pumps in the product, but offer them separately to customers who wish.
  • Our design is minimalist design, as it reduces material consumption and increases the recyclability of the packaging.
  • We inform the material the packaging is made of and encourage customers to recycle the packaging when the product is finished.

Transport and logistics:

  • We cooperate with our parent company with joint transport to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and emissions.
  • In order to reduce packaging material, we reuse as far as possible packaging material that comes from our suppliers.

Ethical and social aspects:

    • Our products are manufactured under good working conditions and fair wages throughout the entire production chain.
    • Of course, neither our final products nor any of the ingredients are tested on animals.
    • Our products are vegan, except Beeswax Body Oil which contains beeswax. The beeswax comes from organic beekeeping that has higher quality, purity and durability. But also with consideration for the bees, who keep their natural environment.

Communication and Transparency:

  • Clear and honest communication: Inform customers about your company's sustainability initiatives and progress. Be transparent about your products' ingredients, production processes and environmental impact.
  • Moonsun wants to inspire a more sustainable lifestyle. We talk about the benefits of sustainable beauty products and help the consumer make more informed choices. We also want to contribute to people making more sustainable choices - not just from a beauty perspective. We share knowledge about the environment, climate and a more holistic way of life.