Our Purpose

Moonsun's philosophy

Moonsun Organic of Sweden is an award-winning holistic unisex skincare brand from Sweden, with lovely products infused with aromatherapy for a deeper effect on the skin. Beauty care that is sustainable, both for nature and humans. Happiness for both body and soul.

The series is adaptogenic, which means that the products adapt to different skin types. This means that our products are suitable for both men and women, day and night, from younger teenage skin to aging skin.

Pure, honest skin care at its best.

Love Your Skin!

Key values

  • We produce a climate and environmentally friendly skin care range, which is 100% natural, effective, pure and honest.
  • We believe that a well-formulated natural skin care product can provide multiple uses.
  • We do not believe in mass production, and produce each product with care and in smaller batches.
  • Our work is holistic, in line with nature.
  • We keep it simple.

One product – multiple uses and multiple users

Moonsun's products are based on carefully selected ingredients and aromatherapy. This means that the series is adaptogenic, which means that our products adapt to different skin types, ages and even people with problem skin such as e.g. acne and rosacea.

All the products in the series are unisex and suit both women and men. That in itself is incredibly climate-smart. It provides a more sustainable consumption when a whole family can use a series. There will be less wastage, fewer transports and less packaging.

Environmentally friendly packaging
Our packaging is made of recycled glass or recycled plastic, and has the highest environmental classification for plastic bottles (PCR).

Of course they are recyclable again.

We use corks instead of pumps to reduce plastic consumption as much as possible and to make it easier to use up the entire content of the product.

We do not use any outer packaging made of cardboard, and therefore reduce the amount of waste.

Become an environmental hero

Balance is central to us. A skin in balance and harmony in the soul. We believe that well-formulated products, where a product has multiple uses and multiple users, with environmentally friendly packaging, provide radiant skin, body and soul, and at the same time make as little impact on the environment as possible.

So when you use our multifunctional range of products, you not only get healthy skin, balance and long-lasting results, you also become a climate and environmental hero.

Pure, honest skin care at its best