Our Story


After training for holistic and natural cosmetic skin care therapists and aromatherapists, the first natural cosmetic shop/salon Moonsun was opened in Stockholm. The year was 2004. For over 10 years we worked with face and body treatments, where we met and treated clients with many different skin types and skin problems. We saw what really worked on the skin. With the right raw materials of high quality and the right dosage - together with our unique knowledge - worked wonders for most skin types - regardless of gender. 

The working name of this loving series was "Love your Skin", because we think you should give the best and most loving care to the skin and at the same time be kind to the environment. Pure honest skin care at its best.

In 2011 we introduced our own product range Moonsun Organic of Sweden. All the products in the series are unisex and suit both women and men. That in itself is incredibly climate-smart. It provides a more sustainable consumption when a whole family can use a series. There will be less wastage, fewer transports and less packaging .

- We want to achieve beauty that is sustainable both for humans and the planet we live on.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Moonsun!