Moonsun är nyfiken på Cecilia Kores

Moonsun is curious about Cecilia Kores

Cecilia Kores is the girl who, after a trip to India, opted out of a career in the financial industry. After studying at the Stockholm School of Economics, she instead chose to follow her passion. Today she runs Mumbaistockholm , which sells genuine jewelery online. But in the New York Times magazine, it is her own podcast Smickespodden that is hailed as one of the top four jewel podcasts internationally. Moonsun is inspired by Cecilia's wonderful energy and shares her strong commitment to sustainability and natural beauty, we were so curious about her answers to our five questions:

Describe yourself with three words

Golden edge on life!
Loves aesthetics, creativity and enjoying life - whether it's going out in a bathrobe and picking flowers early in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand, spending time with people who make me happy, wearing beautiful jewelry and clothes even if I'm just scrapping around the house, listening to a favorite podcast while I cook everyday food or giving lots of kisses to my boyfriend, our dog and our daughter!

What fills your days right now?

New recruitment, garden, family

What does a perfect day look like to you?

A day at home in the garden with the family. Our two-year-old daughter "waters" all the pots with the water hose and digs with her shovel in the gravel path, my boyfriend fixes something that needs fixing on the car or house and I dig in the flower beds. Of course, we take a break for both morning coffee, a lovely lunch and afternoon ice cream - preferably together with friends who spontaneously stopped by!

What is your best everyday tip for better health and balance?

Got it to five tips!
Was outside a lot - a few years ago I loved to start the day by going for a walk, preferably around Djurgården, and then sit and drink coffee in the sun and watch people. Now the best thing I know is to be in the garden!
Cooking - it provides such quality of life for you and everyone around you
Live with people you love
Sleep well - set the alarm clock as rarely as possible
If you don't already have - then develop interests that make you happy

Which of Moonsun's products is your favorite?

Moonsun Body Scrub is absolutely wonderful! So emollient for my dry skin. I am constantly looking for good emollient creams and this scrub is magical both in the shower and afterwards.

Cecilia loves her garden and has also had jewelery inspired by it made

Here you will find Instagram for Smyckespodden and Mumbaistockholm
And of course our own Instagram - Welcome to Moonsunorganic
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