Johanna Bjurström

Curious about Johanna Bjurström - a humble Superhero

Johanna Bjurström is one of the leading authorities in natural skin care in Sweden, we have seen her on the TV sofa, on newspaper covers, as a lecturer and she has also written the book Happy skin: young skin for life . With a past as a soccer player, participant in Miss Sweden and founder of several companies, she has constantly developed in the ability to take advantage of the chances in life. Today, she helps other entrepreneurs create success through her Superhero Entrepreneur Method™ program

Moonsun Organic meets an inspiring Johanna to ask our five questions:

1. Describe yourself in three words

Humorous, caring and determined

2. What fills your days right now?

I'm producing my new Superhero Entrepreneur Program for entrepreneurs, so they can grow and scale their business and live the life of their dreams

3. What does a perfect day look like to you?

My perfect day starts with my morning routine which consists of exercise, meditation, and writing and listening to something inspiring. Then my entrepreneurial life is full of fun things like developing both my business and other people's. I love seeing others grow and achieve their goals - it makes my day! I am also a person who loves to travel, so the workcation will preferably be in warm countries where the sun is.

4. What is your best everyday tip for better health and balance?

My best tips are to breathe deeply, meditate and increase at least 50% vegetables on my plate every meal - it gives me a good balance in life

5. Which is your favorite among Moonsun's products?

Oh, hard to choose, I love them all :) But if I have to choose one, I think the Cleansing Cream is amazing!

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