Moonsun Face Cream och Vitamin C Serum har flera användningsområden

Moonsun Face Cream and Vitamin C Serum have multiple uses

An important part of Moonsun's sustainability line is that a product must be able to fulfill multiple needs. It is partly about the fact that we need to consume fewer packages in general, but also that there is a choice for those who do not have the opportunity to buy several skin care products at the same time. Here you can read about the different areas of use that Face Cream and Vitamin C Serum have. You can also read about this on each product in Moonsun's store under the Usage tab.

Face Cream

The daily face cream Face Cream is a rich and balancing face cream that makes your skin supple and smooth while providing deep moisture. Moonsun's face cream is designed to optimally nourish your skin, but also stimulate cell renewal. Face Cream contains, among other things, sea buckthorn, macadamia oil and cocoa butter. The scent comes from essential oils of linden flower and neroli, which not only give the cream a discreet and elegant scent, but also add moisture and have a tightening effect on pores and capillaries.

Moonsun Face Cream is used both as a day and night cream, and if you want an extra nutritional boost before the night, add 2-3 drops of Face Oil . You also don't need to buy a special eye cream because our Face Cream works great as one. Dab a small amount, about a pin head, around the eye and follow the brow bone.

Sometimes the skin feels dry and dull, especially during the winter months, then an activating face mask can do the trick. Mix equal parts Face Cream and Vitamin C Serum and apply over face, neck and décolletage. Feel free to put a cool towel on your face and let the cream work for 10 minutes. Then massage any excess into the skin. Hooray says the face and mood!

Vitamin C Serum

An exclusive composition of vitamin C, aloe vera, sea buckthorn, linden flower and neroli makes this serum a real vitamin bomb, which protects the skin against free radicals and prevents premature aging such as dryness lines, reduced elasticity and pigmentation. Vitamin C Serum helps to give the skin radiance, an even and clearer skin tone and plenty of moisture. With its clarifying effect, the serum is also excellent for scars, pigmentation and acne skin. You get the best effect if you start the morning by applying Vitamin C serum. And why not supplement by drinking a glass of room-warm water with a little lemon juice in it for an extra morning boost!

The serum can also be used as a firming eye cream, you just need to gently pat a small amount, about a pin head, around the eye. Follow the eye bone.

In winter-dry hair, Vitamin C Serum can increase shine and reduce hair frizz. You then apply it best in wet hair from the middle of the hair length out to the ends before you style the hair.

Above we gave tips on an activating face mask, but sometimes you need just the opposite. For a soothing and moisturizing face mask, instead, mix equal parts Vitamin C Serum and Face Oil . Don't forget to also apply to the neck and décolletage. Put on some calm and pleasant music, and let the mask work for about 10 minutes, then massage any excess into the skin. Heavenly!

Finally, we just have to say that Vitamin C Serum is absolutely magical as After Sun Gel - massage a pump of serum into the skin after a day in the sun and you help the skin to calm down after the sun's challenging rays.

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