Maria Forssén glad på Stockholm Beuaty Week

Curious about Maria Forssén - a network queen enjoying life

Maria Forssén is the driving force behind Stockholm Beauty Week , a gathering place for personal beauty since 2014. And it is precisely the motto "Beauty as you are" that Maria means is the core of the concept. The ambition with Stockholm Beauty Week is to inspire and create conditions for new business opportunities and collaborations within the industry. With Maria's motto "good people makes good business", we at Moonsun are one of Maria's admirers. We had the opportunity to ask 5 quick questions to this lovely life-enjoyer and networking queen.

1. Describe yourself in three words

Open, curious, enjoy life

2. What fills your days right now?

Exciting meetings and contacts ahead of the spring fair Stockholm Beauty Week, which celebrates 10 years this spring.


3. What does a perfect day look like to you?

Yes what is a perfect day, difficult question. Perfect is a little different depending on what mood you're in. Sometimes a good workflow is the ultimate, always fun with contacts who want to be at the fair. Really like good conversation with people, dancing in a bar or at home in the living room. I worked with music once upon a time and would like to work more with music again. The best of days; wake up with a good view, slow breakfast, crosswords, out in nature, preferably tennis and then a swim in the sea - why not with Moonsun's products!

4. What is your best everyday tip for better health and balance?

Do things that make you happy. Be with people who make you happy. Give responsibility. Invite ideas, there are so many. Not everyone can do everything. Be persistent in moderation – least resistance is a good rule of thumb. Then I always think of a good mix between inward (inwardly, thinking, creating, producing, administering) and outwardly - meetings, calling, ballpark with others, etc. A balance between inward and outward!

5. Which is your favorite of Moonsun's products?

Haven't tried them all, but love the Body & Hair Soap - the scent is unbeatable. Also like Beeswax Body Oil for the color, texture, results.

We hope to see you at Stockholm Beauty Week at Berns on May 28

If you want to get in touch with Maria, you can reach her by email:

Feel free to follow Stockholm Beauty Week on Instagram @stockholmbeautyweek

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