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Moonsun is curious about PO Osbeck - a holistic health strategist

With an extraordinary force, PO Osbeck fights to make companies understand that it pays to provide conditions for their employees to live healthily. He is a well-known profile in modern occupational health care with several thousand followers on Linkedin. PO gives lectures with infectious enthusiasm and those who follow him on Linkedin are regularly fed with research reports and interesting surveys that prove the importance of proactive health work in our workplaces. PO has just started a new job as a business developer at Champion Health in the Nordics, where through a proactive, data-driven and personalized solution, companies and their employees are helped to optimize their well-being based on their own conditions and goals. At Moonsun, we are often inspired by PO's holistic view of health and share his commitment to health-bringing initiatives based on each person's circumstances, which is why we met him for a short interview in our series Curious about... where we meet people we are inspired by.

1. Describe yourself in three words

Curious - I am always interested in learning and exploring new things

Empathetic - Trying to understand other people's perspectives and feelings is close to my heart.

Reliable - I always strive to be reliable and keep my promises to others

2. What fills your days right now?

Prioritizing what really means the most to me has been crucial, and for me it's about my family, my health and my profession. Having a three-year-old at home means that the days are both varied and challenging, but above all a time filled with joy, love and development. We have an active lifestyle and support each other in this, including by having a joint PT. Professionally, I have just started a new role as business developer at Champion Health in the Nordics, a company and mission I am passionate about.

3. What does a perfect day look like to you?

If I get to choose - and I get to here - it starts with a refreshing dip in the sea, followed by a cup of strong coffee and some reading for inspiration and insights. Then spending time with my family, getting involved in meaningful work and feeling like I'm making a difference to others is what gives me energy and joy. Ending the day with a lively concert is the icing on the cake for me.

4. What is your best everyday tip for better health and balance?

To me, health is holistic - it's about taking care of our physical, mental and social well-being.

Sleep like a baby : at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night

Every step counts: Find a form of movement that YOU enjoy and make it part of your everyday life.

Eat nutritious food: eat balanced meals with whole, natural foods that nourish the whole body

Dear friends: we are social creatures, and a phone call can do everything for someone close to you

Focus on gratitude: for me it has been a game changer, especially in an increasingly anxious world. I myself use a simple notebook to write down my thoughts.

5. Which is your favorite among Moonsun's products?

With my active lifestyle, it is important for me to take care of my skin in the best possible way. Therefore, I am very impressed with Moonsun's Body Lotion . It is quickly absorbed and has a long-lasting moisturizing effect, which makes it an important part of my daily skin care routine.

If you want to know more about health strategy and what it means, we recommend you follow PO on Linkedin

If you are curious about Champion Health, you can read more here

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