Skippa nyårslöftet och etablera nya vanor

Skip the New Year's resolution and establish new habits

The gyms and walking paths are never as well visited as after the turn of the year. The search for a healthier life and promises of everything from more exercise, better eating habits to regular skin care routines and better sleep are dense. A few weeks into the new year, unfortunately, many of us have already failed in our resolutions, the shame and despair are getting bigger as time goes on. Just in time for summer, we excuse ourselves with "soon it's vacation, I'll start my new routines after the summer instead".

Why we don't manage to keep our promises in the long run has of course different reasons, and can be highly individual. But there are a few things that we at Moonsun believe increase the likelihood that you will succeed in creating change. Here we give you three good things to think about when you take on a change challenge, instead of grandiose New Year's resolutions.

Three tips to succeed with new habits

1. Listen to what YOU want and what YOU need

Instead of taking the time to listen to our own needs, where our own drive and desire for change is, we have a tendency to look at others. We copy goals that are actually intended for completely different people, with completely different life situations. Give yourself a moment and listen to your needs, seek inspiration from others, but don't compare yourself to others.

2. Set reasonable goals

Generally speaking, we humans today are quite impatient, we want to see results immediately, otherwise we tend to get tired. And we often go out hard, staring blindly at the goal and forgetting what a reasonable path there might look like. If, for example, we have never had a skin care routine, and suddenly have to use four different products, we will naturally find it difficult to stick to that routine. Or if we have never exercised, and set a goal to exercise four times a week, we will most likely fail. Look at your own life situation and what is reasonable for you to be able to change.

3. Focus on what you're actually doing

We are our own toughest critics, and if we do not succeed in achieving what we set out to do, we judge ourselves as failures, and then there is a risk that we give up. If instead we can see what we have done, we become more satisfied with ourselves and tend to try again (we didn't learn to ride a bike in a day!) If, for example, you decided to walk for an hour every day, and you miss two times during the week, then focus on the fact that you actually walked 5 days this week, an amazing feat for someone who maybe only walked 2 times a week before. Note each step improved.

You are the key

By taking small steps in the right direction and celebrating small progress, you can increase your confidence and motivation. So if, for example, you dream of healthy skin, think about what strengthens you best and what is reasonable for you to achieve; is it only eating sugar on weekends, treating yourself to a vitamin C serum or going to bed half an hour earlier. Maybe you can handle all, or just one of the things right now, how happy for now, and you will likely soon be able to change more things. And don't forget to give yourself time to see the results. Because it is for your sake that you want to create new habits.

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