Save Me - Campaign

At Moonsun, we don't want to throw away products just because the best-before date has passed. We know that our products last at least one year after the best-before date (in unopened packaging). Therefore, from time to time we have our own "Save me - campaign".

This means that, when possible, we offer these products at a greatly discounted price, alternatively we give the product away for free when you buy another full-price product from us. When this happens, Moonsun always communicates via newsletters and on social media, as well as on the website.

We at Moonsun always do our best to plan our production in line with demand, but sometimes unforeseen things happen that leave us with products that have passed their best-before date.

We see the "Rädda mig" campaign as another small part of our sustainability efforts.

Together we make a difference!